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Jupio PowerBox 1500 US - Portable Power Station

SKU: JPB1500US | Free Shipping on all orders over $50

  • 600% more battery cycles: LiFePO4 cells are safer, last longer, and are more environmentally friendly than their Li-Ion counterparts. Whether at home or on-the-go, you’ll have a reliable source of backup power for many of your favorite electronic devices.
  • Ultra-fast recharge: Go from empty to 80% state of charge in just 1 hour, 2 hours total to get to 100%.
  • Everyone gets a port: A total of 14 output ports, you get 6x AC Output ports, 2x DC(5521) Output ports, 2x USB-C ports with PowerDelivery, and 4x USB-A ports with QuickCharge 3.0.
  • Ultra-powerful without being ultra-heavy: Power your essential devices with as much as 1228.8 Wh capacity and peak power of 1,800 watts. At just over 30 lbs it is considerably lighter than similarly sized competitors.
  • Unprecedented 6-year warranty: Instead of 3 years, PowerBox 1500 comes with a 72-month warranty for a guaranteed hassle-free experience. Just clean, efficient power for all your needs.


The PowerBox 1500 is a revised version of the popular PowerBox 1000 that incorporates a few new quality of life features – all at a lower price. On the exterior, a new retractable handle allows for greater packaging efficiency and convenience over the previous fixed handle. Internally, there are minor firmware and hardware updates that allow for a greater power output giving you even more flexibility to charge or power multiple devices at once. With a 1,228.8Wh capacity and peak power of 1,800 watts, this PowerBox is an ideal solution to power all your essential devices and appliances. Whether you’re at home indoors or like living off the grid, power everything from computers, cameras, and communication devices to electric grills, coffee makers, small refrigerators, and more. The premium LiFePO4 (Lithium-Iron Phosphate) batteries are rated to provide 3,000 charge cycles, extending the total lifespan by 600% over the industry standard lithium-ion battery, so you're always ready for any adventure. LiFePO4 is more chemically stable, and not prone to thermal runaway (and remains cool at room temperature). It can also withstand high temperatures without decomposing and is not flammable – making for a safe and worry-free charging experience. Not that you’ll have enough time to worry! The PowerBox 1500 is capable of charging from 0-80% in just 1 hour. That’s 5x faster than most comparably priced products. The built-in AC input charger means there’s no adapter required – simply plug and play! If outdoor power consumption has got you down, the ability to charge via solar panels will brighten your day. The convenient fully retractable handle makes it easy to carry anywhere you need and the PC-ABS blended case construction provides a lightweight (for its size) yet extremely durable surface that will last for years. Jupio is known for their very long warranties and this product is no exception. Although the standard 3-year warranty applies to all Jupio products, the PowerBox 1500 comes with an additional 3, for a total of 6 years.


Battery Chemistry:
Battery Included:
Capacity - mAh:
Includes Rechargeable Battery:
Lithium Content (g):
33.9lb / 15.38kg
6 Years
Watt Hours:


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