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Jupio ProLine NP-F550 3350 mAh

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    Works with: Sony CCD-RV, CCD-SC, CCD-TR, CCD-TRT, CCD-TRV, CVX, Cyber-Shot DSC-CD, Cyber-Shot DSC-D, DCR-PC, DCR-PD, DCR-SC, DCR-TR, DCR-TRU, DCR-TRV, DCR-TV, DCR-TVX, DCR-VX, DSR, GV, HDR-AX, HDR-FX, HDR-Z, HVR, and MVC digital and video cameras. Jupio was founded in 2006. We offer an extensive range of power related products. We produce innovative batteries, chargers and accessories for camcorders, digital cameras, drones and more. Manufactured with top quality raw materials and using advanced technology, Jupio products deliver true enhanced performance and tremendous value for money. Our ability to be first to market and our no-nonsense 3-year warranty ensures you will always have the performance and peace of mind that you need.
    • Battery Included: Yes
    • Warranty: 3 Years
    • Watt Hours: 24.1
    • Voltage: 7.2
    • Lithium Content (grams): 1.01
    • Battery Chemistry: lithium ion
    • Capacity - mAh: 3350
    • Includes Rechargeable Battery: Yes