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Jupio PowerVault DSLR LP-E6 - 28Wh (Open Box)

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  • For your convienence the Power Vault has 1xUSB input, 1x USB output.
  • Compatible with DSLR cameras that use an LP-E6 battery / Portable USB devices like smartphones, tablets etc. To check the remaining capacity, push button to show remaining capacity.
  • Includes: PowerVault DSLR Holster, Micro USB cable, DSLR adaptor-cord and a Printed Manual
  • Double or triple the capacity of your cameras battery. Available for both pro cameras and entry-level/amateur cameras. Charge while being used. Great for time lapse photography/video. 2-3 hour charge time.
  • UNCONDITIONAL WARRANTY: Extensive 3-Year no-nonsense warranty


The PowerVault DSLR has a soft rubber coating for an expensive and luxurious feel and the 5V USB dummy battery has capacity of 8.4V. Double or triple the capacity of your camera battery depending on the battery you are currently using. We have integrated a push button capacity reader so you can always be sure you have the power you need on the go. Camera-specific dummy batteries are available for Sony, Canon and Nikon cameras. Simply open the battery latch, insert dummy battery, close the latch and you are all set. In addition, you can charge while you are using the PowerVault with an uninterrupted flow of power. Great for time lapse photography/video. 2-3-hour charge time.


Battery Chemistry:
Battery Included:
Capacity - mAh:
Includes Rechargeable Battery:
Lithium Content (g):
0.42lb / 0.19kg
3 Years
Watt Hours:


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