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Jupio Dedicated Duo Charger for Canon and RED KOMODO series; plates included for RED

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  • Duo Charger LCD Canon BP-9XX Compatible With RED KOMODO with AC input, DC car charger input, and USB-A output charging.
  • A highly visible LCD display allows you to see the status of your batteries being charged/status, ensuring you always have full power while on the go.
  • Not only does the Duo Charger charge your batteries, it can also be used as a power source to charge your phone or any other compatible device.
  • Designed with only the best materials and components, this charger stands out from the crowd when reliability and performance are essential.
  • UNCONDITIONAL WARRANTY: Extensive 3-Year no-nonsense warranty


Compatible with: RED KOMODO style batteries Jupio USB Dedicated Duo Charger LCD for RED KOMODO Batteries. The Jupio Duo Charger is the perfect solution to charge two batteries and have a back-up power source at the same time! The embedded USB output along with the AC and DC car charger input cables give you the versatility needed in a sleek designed package. An easy to read LED display allows you to easily see the charging status in any lighting condition. In addition, the stored power allows you to use your charger to charge other devices on the go.


Battery Charge Time:
1x BRE0001: 5 hours in high current mode, 2x BRE0002: 24 hours in low current mode
Battery Included:
Lithium Content (g):
0.55lb / 0.25kg
3 Years


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