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Jupio PowerBox 1500

Jupio PowerBox 1500

Feb 23rd 2024

Hey there tech enthusiasts! In this edition of Fully Charged Fridays we’ll be looking at what could best be described as your ultimate power solution. The new PowerBox 1500, the latest iteration of the beloved PowerBox 1000, is packed with enhanced features and offered at a more affordable price. What's new? Let's start with the exterior. The PowerBox 1500 boasts a sleek retractable handle, offering improved packaging efficiency and convenience compared to its predecessor. Inside, minor firmware and hardware updates have been implemented to deliver even greater power output, giving you the flexibility to charge or power multiple devices simultaneously.

With a robust 1,228.8Wh capacity and a peak power of 1,800 watts, the PowerBox 1500 is your go-to solution for powering essential devices and appliances, whether you're at home or off the grid. From computers and communication devices to electric grills and small refrigerators, this versatile powerhouse has you covered. For outdoor enthusiasts, the PowerBox 1500 offers the added convenience of solar panel charging, ensuring you stay powered up wherever your adventures take you.

Let us know how you would use a PowerBox 1500 by emailing us at and we may send you one if you have a compelling or unique use case! And remember to subscribe to our newsletter ( to always stay up to date on the latest and greatest Jupio has to offer!

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