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Jupio PowerBox500 US + SolarPower60 Charging Panel

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For a limited time, purchase this PowerBox-Solar Panel bundle as an all-in-one solution for portable and sustainable energy. This bundle combines the Jupio PowerBox 500, a 500W portable power station, with the Jupio SolarPower60, a 60W solar panel, to meet all your energy needs on the go. Jupio PowerBox 500: Ultimate Portable Power The Jupio PowerBox 500 is your go-to portable power station, delivering a reliable 500W of power. Designed with advanced lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) chemistry, it ensures safety and stability, setting it apart from traditional lithium-ion batteries. With a 288Wh capacity, this power station provides ample power for camping, tailgating, or emergencies. Multiple output ports, including USB-A, USB-C, AC, and DC, cater to a variety of devices, while the integrated LED strobe and flashlight add versatility. The compact and lightweight design, coupled with an unprecedented 6-year warranty, makes the PowerBox 500 the ultimate energy companion. Jupio SolarPower60: Harnessing Sunlight for Sustainable Power Meet the Jupio SolarPower60, a 60W solar panel that maximizes sunlight to provide a sustainable charging solution. With an impressive conversion efficiency of ≥ 21%, it ensures faster charging times for your devices. Equipped with MC4 connectors, it seamlessly pairs with the PowerBox 500 and other power stations. The SolarPower60 is not only compatible with power stations but also features USB-A and USB-C ports for direct charging of smartphones and tablets. Weighing just 2500 grams (5.51 lbs) and built with rugged construction and an IP67 classification, it's ready to withstand various weather conditions, ensuring clean energy regardless of the outdoor elements. Together: Unleash Portable and Sustainable Power Experience the best of both worlds with the Jupio PowerBundle. Whether you're an outdoor enthusiast, traveler, or someone in need of a reliable power source, this bundle has you covered. Enjoy the peace of mind with the safety of LiFePO4 chemistry from the PowerBox 500, coupled with the SolarPower60's ability to harness the sun's power for a sustainable energy solution. Stay connected, stay powered, with the Jupio PowerBundle.


16lb / kg


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