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Jupio Battery Grip for Nikon D3100/D3200/D3300/D5300 + Cable

SKU: JBG-N003 | Free Shipping on all orders over $25

  • Powered by 2x EN-EL14(A) batteries or 6x AA batteries. The Jupio JBG-N003 fits the Nikon D3100/D3200/D3300/D5300.
  • Features: A Shutter release button which allows ease of use in vertical or horizontal use.
  • The Jupio Battery Grip JBG-N003 comes with a wireless remote control and a connection cable.
  • All Jupio Battery Grips are built with the same high-quality materials as the original manufacture, from the location of the controls to the perfectly matched colors and patterns.
  • UNCONDITIONAL WARRANTY: Extensive 3-Year no-nonsense warranty


Works with: Nikon D3100/D3200/D3300/D5300. Jupio Battery grips are built with the same materials as the manufacturer, we only use the best quality rubber, high quality plastics and components. From the push of the buttons, to the perfectly matched colors and patterns, Jupio batterie grips are not your typical knock off. A heavy-duty wheel allows you to lock it on tight. Autofocus button and more (where applicable). If you don’t have a charged camera battery at hand, you can use AA batteries inside the grip as in emergency. The grip adds to your ability to hold the camera which makes portrait and landscape photos a snap, ergonomically convenient. Jupio also makes grips for cameras that are no longer supported. - Suited for batteries: 2x EN-EL14(A) (CNI0019V4) / 6 x AA - Wireless remote control included - Connection cable JBG-N999 included (required) - Shutter release button Jupio was founded in 2006. We offer an extensive range of power related products. We produce innovative batteries, chargers and accessories for camcorders, digital cameras, drones and more. Manufactured with top quality raw materials and using advanced technology, Jupio products deliver true enhanced performance and tremendous value for money. Our ability to be first to market and our no-nonsense 3-year warranty ensures you will always have the performance and peace of mind that you need.


Battery Included:
0.5lb / 0.23kg
3 Years


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